• Mercedes E Class Avantgarde

    Vehicle Type: Executive

    This Mercedes E Class, which is kept in immaculate condition, is offered as an Executive car with on board Wifi allowing customers to sit back, relax and travel in style.

    2013 Diesel Automatic LN13 UYO 277
  • Toyota Avensis Tourer

    Vehicle Type: Standard

    This vehicle, with a sharp look and comprehensive package of technology, comfort and safety, is ideal for long-distance journeys. It is serviced regularly and kept in immaculate condition.

    2013 Diesel Automatic MJ63 OHU 543
  • VW Passat Highline

    Vehicle Type: Standard

    The Passat, with its reputation as a reliable, robustly-built and well-engineered car, makes it ideal for long-distance journeys. This vehicle, which offers neat styling and a comfortable interior, is serviced regularly and kept in top condition.

    2009 Diesel Automatic KV59 MDO 244


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